I punish my very curious slave. 0
I punish my very curious slave. 1
I punish my very curious slave. 2
I punish my very curious slave. 3
I punish my very curious slave. 4

Dominatrix Baroness Devill has vorbidden her slave to use her personal things but the slave put his nose everywhere.The famous german Mistress,Baroness Nicole Devill, invited him to her dungeon without telling him what are him waiting for...See and take care, if you will be not obidient , one day Baroness Devill will educate and punish you!

Footfetish and Spanking 0
Footfetish and Spanking 1
Footfetish and Spanking 2
Footfetish and Spanking 3
Footfetish and Spanking 4

German Dominatrix Baroness Devill are tiered and order her slave to massage her feet.She put out her red lack higheels,the nylons, and let the slave first to massage her feet, than when he start to lick her feet,to suck her fingers, she gage him with her nylons and decided that he did very bad his job-massage her feet, instead the massage the Dominatrix feel that she has a lof of slaves salive on her feet, she take a whip and sart to whipping his ass and his back, she make him "whipping massage".Be carefull when you kiss the foot for your Mistress!!!