Baroness Devill's new slave. Full version. 0
Baroness Devill's new slave. Full version. 1
Baroness Devill's new slave. Full version. 2
Baroness Devill's new slave. Full version. 3
Baroness Devill's new slave. Full version. 4

Mistress Devill decided to to have more slaves, one of her friends send for Baroness one slave.The Mistress want to see how good he is,she called her own slave and ordered for new one to be in dungeon in the same time.Baroness wanted to see who is better, good, the new one is not bad.The Mistress spend one hour of her precios time to torture both of them.

Slavetraining 2 0
Slavetraining 2 1
Slavetraining 2 2
Slavetraining 2 3
Slavetraining 2 4

Dominatrix Baroness Devill decided to educate slave number 5, the slave nr.6 must waiting when the Mistress will has time.The Mistress ordered her slave nr.5 to lie on the floor and decide to let him enjoy first, she seat on his face and beat his penis with the cane.Mistress Devill wear this day black long gloves,she seats on the slaves face and start slowly massage his penis and balls.Wow, analplug, facesitting and the hands on his ballls, also if the Mistress makes it a little bit strong,what can wish one slave more?!But the Mistress stand up and order "you,looser,crawl here,i here,where my chair!".She has again the cane in her hand,she start to "help2 him to crawl more quickly, she beat him on his ass, on his legs and oh his foot soles.But everything is good what ended good, this day the slave must put harness and the Mistress has forbidden him to cum but she let him kiss her bares feet.Pure second slave, he must seat all time in cage but important is that his Mistrss has fun! Isn't it?!

Slavetraining part 2 0
Slavetraining part 2 1
Slavetraining part 2 2
Slavetraining part 2 3
Slavetraining part 2 4

Famous gruel german dominatrix, Baroness Devill, has 2 slaves in her dungeon.The Mistress has time for both slaves.One of them must take the place on the slaves chair and enjoy the elektro-cbt.And what will be with second one?Neckcuff and dildo in ass, maybe let him swallow the ashtrey?But it is not enough,maybe beat his balls wiht beat a little beat?!