Footfetish and Spanking 0
Footfetish and Spanking 1
Footfetish and Spanking 2
Footfetish and Spanking 3
Footfetish and Spanking 4

German Dominatrix Baroness Devill are tiered and order her slave to massage her feet.She put out her red lack higheels,the nylons, and let the slave first to massage her feet, than when he start to lick her feet,to suck her fingers, she gage him with her nylons and decided that he did very bad his job-massage her feet, instead the massage the Dominatrix feel that she has a lof of slaves salive on her feet, she take a whip and sart to whipping his ass and his back, she make him "whipping massage".Be carefull when you kiss the foot for your Mistress!!! 

Education 0
Education 1
Education 2
Education 3
Education 4

Mistress Devill has ordered slave number 6 to seat in cage and started to educate the slave number 7, the Mistress tie his balls and put some weights on his balls, how many kilogramms?Take a look, there are only about 5 or 10 or 15 kg?!

Slave,you must introduce yourself! 0
Slave,you must introduce yourself! 1
Slave,you must introduce yourself! 2
Slave,you must introduce yourself! 3
Slave,you must introduce yourself! 4

Mistress Devill has new slave, she told him to introduce himself but the slave made a mistake and Baroness Devill punished him as good as she can,she put him neckcuff,handcuffs, use him like ashtrey, he must swallow the ashtrey,lick her higheels but the Mistress want try some more plays,firts the faceslapping and than she kick his balls with highheels and with feet in nylons.Mistess Devill want to see if she can use this slave to enjoy her sadistic mood.

Cuffs,spiiting and hot wax 0
Cuffs,spiiting and hot wax 1
Cuffs,spiiting and hot wax 2
Cuffs,spiiting and hot wax 3
Cuffs,spiiting and hot wax 4

Mistress Devill gave order to her slave to take the place on the bank, she put him leather hand and foot cuffs,she put the klamms on his nipples and started to torture him how she like.The kick is that the slave doesnt know what comes next-strong elektro cbt or hot wax on his penis.Or maybe he can enjoy the spitting?Yes, he can.The slave like all what the Mistress make with him.Every slave would like to be on his place!!!